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  • A coalition of key stakeholders of the Idaho education system.
  • Founded in August 2007
  • Formed as a result of a charge from Governor Otter to the Idaho Business for Educational (IBE) to develop strategic recommendations for setting Idaho on a trajectory to become a global leader in education.
  • IBE accepted the charge, which was consistent with an IBE founding principle to bring education stakeholders in Idaho together and which transcended the agenda of any one group or agency.
  • This report is designed to complement the ongoing work of other organizations.
  • The report is data-driven and supported by research on “model states” and the Measuring Up Report of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education.
  • Four areas of recommendations, including goals and performance indicators:
    1. Statewide Data System
    2. Dual Enrollment Access
    3. Upper Level Math and Science Course Taking
    4. Advanced Placement and College Entrance Examination Performance

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  • The first of its kind for Idaho, a diverse group of education stakeholders came together and agreed to this critically important initiative.
  • Members were invited to participate based on their representation from a broad array of governmental and non-governmental entities.
  • Key purpose of advocacy and advice.
  • No authority in statute or control over policymakers.
  • Members include J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation and representatives from the Idaho Education Association, Idaho Association of School Administrators, Idaho School Boards Association, Idaho Parent Teacher Association, Idaho Digital Learning Academy, State Board of Education, State Department of Education and the State Division of Professional- Technical

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Unique Model

  • A continuous improvement model that is transparent, responsive and data driven.
  • A communication and feedback strategy in which other stakeholders and organizations will be able to offer comments and recommendations for consideration.
  • The Education Alliance has delivered the first draft of the education agenda to Governor Otter for his consideration.
  • Success will require strong leadership from the Governor and the State Superintendent, along with the combined leadership and support of the organizations in the Education Alliance.

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